ARDOLiFT® – Self-loading Stacker

The ARDOLiFT® self-loading stacker is a revolutionary, lightweight, durable portable forklift, that is designed to be transported with the goods in commercial vehicles, suitable for urban distribution.

The self-loading stacker’s own weight is between 162 kg and 200 kg, can load/unload pallets of max 600 kg, is electrically powered and lifts itself into and out of the delivery vehicle. The weight of the equipment and the weight of the pallet which can be loaded/unloaded, respectively, depend on the model of the ARDOLiFT® self-loading stacker. The model should be chosen function of the maximum lifting height desired for the operation (see the Operation Manual).

The ARDOLiFT® self-loading stacker is equipped with a high-performant battery, which offers the autonomy to manipulate about 20-25 pallets (600 kg) or 40 pallets (400 kg). The battery of the ARDOLiFT® self-loading stacker can be charged at vehicle’s battery. 


  • The product is extremely compact, being an alternative to the tail lifts installed on the rear of the vehicles. Being extremely handy to be operated by the driver, in some instances the auxiliary staff (helpers) can be dropped.
  • The product offers flex in exploitation, thus no need of acquiring one ARDOLiFT® self-loading stacker for each vehicle in the fleet. For example, for 10 vehicles, just 4 self-loading stackers can be acquired to be then dynamically allocated by vehicles, function of the specific needs.
  • The self-loading stackers is extremely useful and suitable for “marketing caravans”, where at the presentation outlets no unloading / loading equipmen is available.
  • Once the pallet is unloaded, the self-loading stackers can be used as pallet jack for horizontal movements.
  • The ARDOLiFT® models depend on the lifting height of the pallets, thus on the type of the distribution vehicles on which it will be used. The lower the lifting height, the lower price of the equipment.


For more details, access the demo movies and the price list.